White Dwarf (2019) op. 63    
for orchestra

Aria (2018) op. 62
for soprano and piano

Grotesque Dance (2018)  op. 61
for piano

Symphony No. 2 “Anthem” (2017) op. 60
for orchestra

Mania (2016) op. 59
for violincello quartet

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace (2015) op. 58
for tenor and piano

Broken (2015) op. 57
for two violincellos

The Golden Spiral (2014) op. 56
for piano

IceCube (2013) op. 55
for piano

A Good-talking Candle (2012) op. 54a
for voice and piano

A Good-talking Candle (2018) op. 54b
for voice,  four violincellos and piano

Your Catfish Friend (2011) op. 53
for small orchestra

Shift (2011) op. 52
for piano

Probability 1 (2010) op. 51
for percussion ensemble

Jack and the Beanstalk (2010) op. 50
for woodwind quintet

Krakatoa (2009) op. 49
for six percussion players

The Silver Stairs of Ketchikan (2008) op. 48a
for piano

The Silver Stairs of Ketchikan (2018) op. 48b
for three violincellos

Processional (2008) op. 47
for violin and organ

The Old Man Who Moved Mountains (2007) op. 46
for woodwind quintet

Genesis (2007) op. 45
for clarinet, violin, violincello and piano

Piano Sonata No.2 (2006) op. 44
for piano

Channels (2006) op. 43
for violin, horn, percussion and piano

Easy Piano Music (2005) op. 42
for piano

Concerto for New Orleans (2005) op. 41
for jazz ensemble and orchestra

Xiangqian (2004) op. 40
for voice and small ensemble

Billy Broke Locks (2004) op. 39
for string orchestra

Event Horizon (2003) op. 38
for violin and piano

Improvisations (2003) op. 37
for piano

Sound Sculptures (2003) op. 36
for piano

Risseldy Rosseldy (2002) op. 35
for piano

Quark (2002) op. 34
for piano

Diabolical Scherzo (2002) op. 33
for piano four hands

Symphony No.1 “In Watermelon Sugar” (2001) op. 32
for orchestra

Torque (2000) op. 31
for violin, violincello and piano

Canon (2000) Op. 30
for piano

Passacaglia (1999) op. 29
for flute, violin and piano

Piano Concertino (1999) op. 28
for piano and small orchestra

Lore (1998) op. 27
for flute, clarinet, violincello and piano

The Galilee Hitch-Hiker (1998) op. 26
for piano

American Dust (1997) op. 25 No. 1
for piano

Star-Spangled Nails (1997) op. 25 No. 2
for piano

Boo Forever (1997) op. 25 No. 3
for piano

Four Pieces for Piano (1996) op. 24
for piano

Reed Trio (1995) op. 23
for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

Lauda (1994) op. 22
for organ

Harmoniemusik (1993) op. 21
for 2 flutes, 2 oboes,2 clarinets,2 horns and 2 bassoons

Trio for Flute, Clarinet and Piano (1992) op. 20
for flute, clarinet and piano

Jolt (1991) op. 19
for solo percussion

Piano Preludes (1991) op. 18
for piano

Wind Symphony (1990) op. 17
for wind ensemble

Three Etudes for Clarinet Solo (1989) op. 16
for clarinet

Five Pieces for Piano (1988) op. 15
for piano

Synchronicity (1989) op. 14
for clarinet, trombone and piano

Five Pieces for Clarinet and Piano (1987) op. 13
for clarinet and piano

Flash Point (1987) op. 12
for orchestra

Sarcasms (1987) op. 11
for piano

String Quartet (1986) op. 10
for two violins, viola and violincello

Woodwind Quintet (1985) op. 9
for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon

Sway (1984) op. 8
for flute, clarinet, violincello and piano

Three Inventions (1984) op. 7
for piano

Rue (1983) op. 6
for two violins, viola and violincello

Fractals (1983) op. 5
for small orchestra

Meditations (1983) op. 4
for piano

Poesis (1982) op. 3
for string orchestra

Piano Sonata No.1 (1982) op. 2
for piano

Ten Pieces for Piano (1982) op. 1
for piano


"The music of Stephen Halloran, while demonstrating a variety of styles, maintains a unique sound, easily recognizable in all of his works.  It is energetic, full of rhythmic vitality and uses a distinct harmonic language.  His works are effortless, witty and charming; they convince us that Stephen is a real composer"
-Lukas Foss

Stephen Halloran, composer, conductor and pianist

Stephen Halloran (born Philadelphia PA 31 Mar. 1966) American composer and pianist earned a BM from the Eastman School of Music and MM and DMA from Boston University, studying composition with Joseph Schwantner, Samuel Adler, Lukas Foss and Stephen Albert.  Halloran’s music is frequently performed around the world including a recent performance by Berlin Counterpoint in Bonn, Germany.  Among his numerous awards for composition are the Goddard Lieberson Fellowship and multiple ASCAP grants.  Dr. Halloran was also the recipient of the Renee B. Fisher Award for his piano set, The Galilee Hitchhiker which is available on compact disk.  His music, Xiangqian for the film poet, has won national acclaim receiving the Princess Grace Award.  Dr. Halloran completed a major work commissioned by the Boston Classical Orchestra entitled Concerto for New Orleans.  Dr. Halloran is chair of the Composition Department at the Rivers School Conservatory and is a full-time professor at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee.